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PCB Drill

I am working on a drill press to drill my PCBs. For the standard I found and restored an old drill press. The drilling machine will be the one I already have in use. The speed will be controlled by an diy PWM speed controller. Circuit:


Pictures PWM controller:
Printboormachine PWM regeling
Printboormachine PWM regeling
Printboormachine PWM regeling
Printboormachine PWM regeling

PCB Drill – Update 1

Today I finished the restoration of the drill standard and I’ve mounted some leds on it:


PCB Drill – Update 2

On a sale I found a counter, and thought it would be nice to have that on my drill press to count the holes I drill. so I bought it and mounted it.
The counter: (Mounted with double sided tape)
teller Printboormachine
The switch (Normally closed contact):
teller bediening
teller bediening detail
Schema Teller

PCB Drill – Update 3

The LEDs I used where poor quality and broke after some time. When I wanted to replace them I saw this post of vdbeke and decided to do something similar.


I used 3 pieces of PCB soldered together in a triangular form. In the side’s I’ve mounted 3 LEDs. This way I don’t have the risk of drilling in the LEDs.



PCB Drill – Update 4

Some time ago the motor from the drill had died. So I replaced it with the Proxxon that I bought for my cnc machine.

A few weeks later the leds underneath died. I had some 3W leds + drivers in stock, so I decided to build a led driver and put a 3W led under the PCB.

Led driver:

Circuit drawing & PCB:

(External variable resistor = 100K)

Fixed to the board:




PDF files LED driver pcb: Download

PCB Drill – Update 5

In the pictures in the previous update a cd case is used as a safety glass in front of the drill. This is rather thin, therefore I decided to exchange it to 4mm plexiglas. This new plexiglas is hinged by the cover of an old tape deck.

Old situation:

New situation: