Welcome to my site “Elektronica Stynus”, on this site you can find some information about me and my electronic diy projects that I have made or that I am currently working on.

Why “Elektronica Stynus” as site name? This site started in Dutch. Later on this English version was added. I didn’t want to change the name to “Electronics Stynus” so I used the same name for both site’s.

Inrush Current Limiter

The switch that I use to switch off my hobby desk broke again for the second time. The contacts where welded shut. After replacing it again it was time to fix the cause of the issue. To limit the current I used an alteredĀ  schematic from CircuitsOnline. After my incident on my safety transformer project …

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Solder / SMD Inspection Camera

For some time I wanted an camera to inspect solder joints / SMD parts. What I wanted it to have was: +-30x zoom. Automatic focus with an option to manual focus. Ability to make pictures. Polarised filter. Camera on an arm so it can be pulled over the PCB and pushed back when not in …

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WMRP & WMRT Compatible Soldering Stations

Some time ago I bought a lot of Weller soldering irons at an auction for cheap. For the de-soldering iron I already made a station. In this lot were also a WMRT soldering tweezers cable. Next to that I bought a WMRP iron at a ham flea market. Only problem was that I do not …

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Delta Elektronika 0-15V 15A +5V 13A PSU – Update Frontpanel

A few months back I posted this power supply project. However I was not happy about the way the front panel looked with the labels, but had no inspiration on how to make it better at that time. In the mean time I bought a new 3d printer. This one prints a lot better than …

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