Welcome to my site “Elektronica Stynus”, on this site you can find some information about me and my electronic diy projects that I have made or that I am currently working on.

Why “Elektronica Stynus” as site name? This site started in Dutch. Later on this English version was added. I didn’t want to change the name to “Electronics Stynus” so I used the same name for both site’s.

Air Compressor Remote / SwitchClock

I have a loud air compressor in my basement. Lots of time I forget to turn it off, and the in the middle of the night the air pressure leaked enough so that it switches on. Another annoying thing is when I remember to turn it off, I need to walk to the compressor to …

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3D Printer UV Curing Device

Some time ago I bought another 3D printer, this time one that uses resin to print. However after printing the parts are not full strength yet. To solve this the parts need to be put in UV light. This can be done outside in the sun or in an UV curing device. Since the sun …

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Soldering Workbench Lighting

In the previous part I described how I made my soldering workbench. The part that was still missing was the lighting. For this I first wanted to buy a standard solution, but could not find anything that was fully to my taste.  So time to make something myself. To mount the light it was easiest …

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Solar logging update

I was not really happy with the logging of the SMA solar inverter. The site was always a few hours behind and the graphs are averages, so I do not realty trust the data. I searched a bit on the internet and found SBFspot. This program runs on a raspberry pi and reads out the …

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