Welcome to my site “Elektronica Stynus”, on this site you can find some information about me and my electronic diy projects that I have made or that I am currently working on.

Why “Elektronica Stynus” as site name? This site started in Dutch. Later on this English version was added. I didn’t want to change the name to “Electronics Stynus” so I used the same name for both site’s.

SSR front panel

Dust extraction – Part 4: Solid State Relay

In this part of the dust extraction build I will show the solid state relay that is used to drive the vacuum cleaner. I could make this part of the project with a PCB with a triac and optoupler etc, but decided not to do this to save time. Instead I used an off the …

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Dust extraction – Part 3: Central Unit

In this part of the dust extraction build I will show the central unit. This unit receives the signals from the current sensor boxes and uses this information to switch the valves and the vacuum cleaner. Some time ago I designed a board with a pic processor that has robust in and outputs. These have …

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Steinel Gluematic 3002 – Modification [Part 2]

I bought a longer nozzle for the glue-gun in order to reach further in difficult places. This works great, but the downside is that now the stand is not high enough any more and the nozzle touches the table. While searching for something on thingeverse I came across this project: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2739665  This seems like the …

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Dust extraction – Part 2: Current sensor

In this part of the dust extraction build I will show the current sensor. This sensor measures the current that the tool draws and gives a signal to a central unit once it is higher than a set value. In order to leave the vacuum cleaner on during the machine spinning down a settable timer …

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