Welcome to my site “Elektronica Stynus”, on this site you can find some information about me and my electronic diy projects that I have made or that I am currently working on.

Why “Elektronica Stynus” as site name? This site started in Dutch. Later on this English version was added. I didn’t want to change the name to “Electronics Stynus” so I used the same name for both site’s.

Update naar WordPress

The last few years I did not post a lot. This while I did made a lot of projects. The biggest reason for this is that I had to do all the updates in HTML code. This took a lot of time and to me is very boring. This caused me to not feel like …

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Radio flea market Diest 2016

Today there was a Radio flea market in Diest. What I bought (for 9€ including entrance fee): -3x bag brass thick washers -1x 10 turn potmeter -1x bag connectors -1x bag springs

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