Reflow oven – update

In school we got the task of making a project for the “measurement and controls” course. It should take a min of 30h time. I decided to finish this project and write a report of it for that course.

The front panel is finished now:

Oven voorkant

And the backside to. It has a RS232 and programmer interface. And of course the net-plug.

Oven achterkant

I continued programming while I had vacation, but I quickly got some problems.

First of all the original keyboard was broken (the flatcable broke at the right column). I didn’t have a spare one, so I build 1 myself. I used 14 buttons from Velleman. (Link) The text is put on whit rubbing-letters.

Toetsenbord schema tobo
tobo pcb


This worked for a while. But then the connectors to it failed trough the thermal cycles. I have replaced the connectors trough flatcable now.

My multimeter has a temperature function with a thermocouple, after I put it in the oven it turned out the thermocouple I had was not fast enough. Then I replaced it with the one from my multimeter.

Now I can continue to program the PID loop in the pic. This doesn’t seem to be as easy as first thought.

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