Reflow oven

After seeing Xantus his reflow toaster I wanted to build 1 myself. A few weeks later there was a action at the “kruidvat” with ┬ásnack toasters, so I bought 1.

Oven aanbieding kruidvat

The power is a bit lower than Xantus toaster, but a test proved that this was not a problem.

The compartment that is going to hold the electronics was not wide enough, so I made it 4cm wider.

oven breder


Now it fits a 2*16lcd and keyboard.

lcd toetsenbord


The pcb for controlling the oven is not finished yet. But it will work with a PIC16F877A. I’m going to program 4 modes in it. Reflow (soldering); Resolder (To resolder PCBs whit bad joins); Preheat; Fix temp (A adjustable temperature). I also want to add a RS232 output to control/read it by a pc.

In the mean while I also made a new front-plate with holes for the LCD etc. I painted the base coat on it today. Pictures will follow when de last paint layer is done.

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