Temperature Controller

In school I got the assignment to make a temperature control with a Omron E5CK. A datasheet of this PID controller can be found here: Link

The idea is to simulate a process in an aluminium block. For this we use the following elements:

-J-type thermocouple

-50W heating element

-Digital PID-controller type E5CK Omron

-Volt meter to measure the output value (0-100% / 0-10V)

-A Peltier element (to create interference.)

We build everything inside a suitcase.

We had to make a small book of this. You can download that here: Link (Dutch)


A couple of pictures:

The PID controller:
The process:

The circuit board with the peltier controller and 2 channel 0-10V dimmer/power control.


The saw tooth from the 0-10V dimming circuit.

Everything was build in a frame
And the frame was then build in a suitcase:

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