TDA2005 Amplifier

For this amplifier I used a amplifier board from a tv. The circuit drawings can be found here: Circuit right, Circuit Left, Pcb.

This amplifier needs a DC voltage of 33V. To create this voltage I used a transformer from an old printer, it delivers 21VAC (50VA). I’ve put a rectifier and some caps after the transformer. The case is recycled from an old vcr.

Some pictures:

The transformer

The rectifier + capacitors (7500µF in total):

The speaker terminals:

I wanted a volume control with buttons, so I made this circuit that generates analogue voltages with PWM.

The pcb with the pic on it:

(On the left is a 5V power supply for the pic 30V ==> 15V ==> 5V)

This experimental pcb is not really reliable, so I made an etched pcb of it. When building it in I was a bit to enthusiast so I forgot to take pictures. However I do have the print-layout (which contains a fault at the pull-down resistors). Download pcb lay-out.

As you can see, I left 1 voltage regulator of the board. This is because I found a 15V regulator on the amplifier pcb.

The front panel:

(The panel looks crooked, but that’s just from pasting 2 images together)

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