Category: Lab Power Supply 0-30V 0-6A

Lab Power Supply 0-30V 0-6A

I’m building another power supply. The specs of the power supply will be 0-24V at 6A, but they can be easily adjusted to your own needs.

Pictures of the parts that are ready:

The back side and heat sink:


The volt and ampere meter:


The help power supply:

Lab Power Supply 0-30V 0-6A – Update

Previous part of this project: Link

On the CircuitsOnline forum there was an action to buy power supply boards. At this action I bought 2 boards. When I was looking for an enclosure to use for this project I came across this old project and decided to use the enclosure for the new power supply.

For this design other auxiliary power supplies are needed than with the previous design. Therefore I made some new boards:

1x 2x9V AC psu to power the drive circuit and fan
2x 5V DC to power the V and A meter
1x board with big capacitors

Total overview with all boards:

After a few tests, it turned out that the heatsink became too hot. To solve this a fan was added.

This fan is controlled by temperature. This control is based on a MCP9701T sensor with a PIC16F527 micrcontroller.

The board of the fan controller:


Fan controller XC8 source code + hex download

The finished result: