Lab power supply 0-24V 0-2A DC

I’m finishing some old projects. One of these project is a lab powersupply based arround a kit I bought on AliExpress.

I had a old transformer from a crt screen that outputs 22V at enough power (does not get hot at full load) and as a bonus has shielding on the outside. For the enclosure I used an enclosure of a 230->110V transformer that I got very cheap at an auction some time ago. The front and back panel are 3D printed

The heatsink I used is from a I5 pc. The fan is a 12V fan that makes too much noise. Thats why I put a 5V regulator in series, that regulator is also mounted on the heatsink because it will get hot. The fan is switched with a clixon contact near the transistor.

When the enclosure is closed, the power supply looks like this:

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