Solar logging update

I was not really happy with the logging of the SMA solar inverter. The site was always a few hours behind and the graphs are averages, so I do not realty trust the data. I searched a bit on the internet and found SBFspot. This program runs on a raspberry pi and reads out the inverter and sends the data to PVoutput.

I had an old V1 raspberry pi 1b laying arround. For 99% of the stuf it is too slow, but for this is was perfect. I installed it in my network rack. To save a RJ45 connection on the switch I added an usb network interface to the pi. This way it could be set “in series” with the cable.

The enclosure is one I 3d printed myself. At first I was searching for a din rail enclosure for the pi, but I could not find anything for the old version. Luckily I found these STL files.

The uploaded measurments can be found here:

Overview last few days:

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