Speakon Wall Connectors + Setup

For my living room I needed some speaker connectors in the walls. The power sockets I have are from the brand Niko, so I wanted the speaker connectors in the same look. However I did not like the look of those that are available, and therefore I made my own.

The base is made with a blind panel from Niko (122-76901).

In the center panel I drilled a hole with a step drill, and glued a 4pin speakon connector in the back of the panel:

At the amplifier I used an 8 pin connector. This one I did use screws since the force on the connector will be higher:


For the wiring I did a trick to have the speakers always wired correctly when the TV is moved. In the living room I have 3 positions I wanted to be able to place the TV.
Blue = TV; Black = speakers

In each setup I just want to plug the amp into the 8pin speakon and have the signals go to the correct speaker for that setup. This is done with some clever wiring. I gave each 8pin connector a number and each 4pin a letter:

This makes the connections this way:
Connector 1 Pin 1-2 -> Connector C
Connector 1 Pin 3-4 -> Connector D
Connector 1 Pin 5-6- > Connector A
Connector 1 Pin 7-8 -> Connector B
Connector 2 Pin 1-2 -> Connector E
Connector 2 Pin 3-4 -> Connector A & F
Connector 2 Pin 5-6- > Connector D &  G
Connector 2 Pin 7-8 -> Connector C & H

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