Dust extraction – Part 4: Solid State Relay

In this part of the dust extraction build I will show the solid state relay that is used to drive the vacuum cleaner.

I could make this part of the project with a PCB with a triac and optoupler etc, but decided not to do this to save time. Instead I used an off the shelf SSR-40DA solid state relays.

During use this component will get hot, therefore I mounted it to the side of an aluminium enclosure. In this enclosure I also mounted a grommet for the power input, a grommet for the signal wire and a power socket for the output.

Inside soldid state relais module
Inside soldid state relais module detail
SSR front panel

The box mounted near the vacuum cleaner:
SSR Mounted

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The next part of this project will be the instalation of the tubes / hoses

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