[3D print] Mantis microscope base

Some time ago I bought a Mantis microscope for cheap at an auction.

The reason why it was cheap was that the base was not included. Therefore I designed a new base and 3D printed it. The base is printed from PETG and has a M10x50 bolt + nut to reinforce it.

The bottom of the microscope:


Print without bolt:

With bolt:


STL File (Use at your own risk!)


    • Olav Barros Storstrøm on May 24, 2018 at 20:07
    • Reply

    Looks great!

    What settings did you use, like infill? Thanks!

    1. I do not remember, but I think it is the “almost complete” infill setting. It is printed with an up mini. This printer does not have these setiings in %.


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