Illuminated house number + doorbell push-button

When I bought my house there was a wireless push-button for the doorbell, this was mounted on top of an old door intercom system. Because the plate is metal, it acted as a shield making the wireless door bell not work very well. Next to this was an plastic house number that was cracked all over from the sun UV light.
Time to make something new, and off course I made it a bit overkill.

The old situation:

I drew a design for an stainless steel plate. This plate contains the house number, a hole for the push button, and 4 mounting holes. This design I had lasered by RoboCNC.

A piece of smoked PMMA plastic will be mounted behind this plate. It will be illuminated by a LED board:

This board has 3 modes:

  • White light
  • Adjustable RGB
  • RGB fade

The lights are switched on / off with an build in twilight switch.

It is not convenient to change the mode on the build in board. Therefore I made a “remote controll” that will be mounted in the house fuse box on a din rail.



LED board mounted:


The din rail module in the fuse box:

Circuit diagrams:



PCB files: Link

XC8 code: Link

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