Dead Battery

One of the Batteries from my Bosch cordless drill machine had died. I could buy a new one but that is rather expensive. So I opted to take the batteries out and put a cable on it. The cable plugs into my 12V power supply that powers my lights etc.

The cells inside (5 cells at 0V):

I have mounted a cable gland in the plastic enclosure from the old battery so I have a strain releave for the cable.

Plugged in the drill:

I added a diode to the power supply to protect my power supply against voltage spikes from the motor.

The downside of this is of course that I have a cable connected to it now. But I still have 1 battery that functions so I can still work wireless :p. But if I’m working at the workbench and the battery is flat, then I can use the cable to avoid waiting for the charger. Another downside is that my LED lights dim as I start the drill, this is because it draws too much current. The power of the drill isn’t as big as on the battery. My power supply delivers 12V while the battery does 14.4V.

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  1. Of zes consumer AA celletjes aan elkaar solderen , inpakken en inbouwen.

  1. […] Maar laten we realistisch zijn: de kans dat je het defect zelf kan repareren is relatief klein, omdat er best wat kennis nodig is om hier (verantwoord) aan te gaan knutselen. En dan zijn er, zoals eerder gezegd, ook nog de vele situaties waarin een batterij gewoon dood is gegaan door het gebruik. Daar valt weinig aan te repareren. Dus: een nieuwe accu kopen. Maar da’s duur! Dat vond ook de Belg Stijn Coenen. […]

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