Symmetric Power Supply 0-70V @ 5A – Update

This update was already planned in October 2009, but I didn’t put it on my site until now.

I made a pcb for the help power supply. First I added a few extra coils on the main transformers, but the voltage was too low, so I removed them and bought some print transformers

The pcb:


The analog print is also finished

When I wanted to test the analog print I looked at my circuit drawings before. Then I noticed that the analog print works on 2*5V while the power supply outputs 2*12V. So I designed the digital pcb and put a 7805 and a 7905 voltage regulator on that.

I made a small pcb to connect the lcd with the digital pcb. The connector from the lcd had a two small pitch to solder strong wire to it. So I glued the pcb on the lcd, connected it with small wires to the lcd and soldered “big strong” wires on it to go to the digital pcb.

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