PICkit 2

My galvawisp and usbwisp where too slow with bigger pics. Therefore I’ve build a new programmer. This time I have chosen for a PICkit 2. The design I based my programmer on can be found here: Link

I changed the icsp connector to a sub-d version because all my projects use this connector. And it can withstand more abuse then a pin header.


The hexfile can be found on the microchip site: Link



PICkit2 schema


PICkit2 pcb

Part list:

Aantal: Naam: Waarde:
2 R1, R5 12k
2 R2, R6 4k7
2 R3, R13 2k7
1 R4 75R
2 R7, R8 33R
3 R10, R11, R12 680R
1 R16 220R
1 R17 1k
2 R18, R19 27R
2 C1, C5 100n
2 C2, C3 22p
1 C4 47µF
1 C6 10µF
1 C7 330nF
1 L1 680uH
2 D1, D2 BAT85
1 T1 BC640
4 Q1, Q2, Q4, Q6 BS170
1 Q5 BS250
1 X1 20MHz
1 U1 PIC18F2550
1 S1 push button
3 LED1, LED2, LED3 3mm led
1 X2 15 polige sub-d
1 J1 Wire bridge
1 CN1 USB-B female







In the enclosure:





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