I got some cheap RGB led bars from Ledsee. Therefore I decided to make a moodlight where on I was already working with those led bars. I’m going to make an housing of aluminium U profile’s with a plexi cover. And with on the ends XLC connectors to connect multiple moodlights with each other. In each profile there will be 1 led bar and 1 controller. The controller can be set as master or as slave. The communication is serial protocol but on 0-5V level.

Pictures of the led bars:

RGB Ledstrip

RGB Ledstrip

RGB Ledstrip

The led bar in working (dimmed):

RGB Ledstrip

(Picture from

A drawing of how I plan it to make:


The green is the controller and the raised grey part is the led bar.

For the controller I’m going to use an SMD PIC16F628 with an ULN2003 for driving the led’s.


Circuit drawing:



Circuit board: Printplaat


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