Lab Power Supply 0-24V 0-3A

My old power supply didn’t have a current limit and was not protected against short circuit.

This is the second time I change the circuit in this power supply, the previous time I replaced the original circuit by this one:
Oud schema

I changed the circuit to this one because the original burned out after a short on the output terminals.

The case:
Labvoeding Front

I wanted to have a higher output voltage then the original, therefore I used a 2*12V 2*5A transformer I had lying around (bought it at a garage sale).


The ciruit I’m going to use this time:
Schema Nieuw

The display print covered the entire front off the power supply. Because of that there was no space to put an extra potmeter to regulate the current, so I decided to build new voltage and current meters.

The circuit that I used for that:
Voltmeter schema
For the missing resistor value’s see: fig. 1 en fig. 2.
Datasheet ICL7107.

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