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AMA-16 Milling Machine

Some time ago I came across an ad on eBay for a AMA-16 Milling Machine. This is the same as the more know bf-16 from buitelaar, but it was a lot cheaper because the exchange rate of the pound was bad.

First we needed to construct another workbench. My dad made it from L-profile steel and plywood.

The milling machine is going to be mounted on a steel plate with 2 L profiles directly underneath them.werkbank


Sometime after the workbench was finished, DHL delivered a package :).

pakjefreesmachine uitgepakt



After milling a few test pieces with thesupplied drill head, I noticed that this was not ideal for milling. So I went to eBay again and bougt a set of ER-25 collets.spantangen


Left drill head, right collet:



Mounted and with a mill inside.



To store the mills and collets I hung some drawers on the wall.



After some more drilling the motor overheated. This didn’t surprise me, it is locked up in a tight box with little air gaps. I went looking in my supply closet for a solution and found 2 80mm 110V fans. If I connect these in series then they can work on 230V.



The case that goes around the motor like it is delivered:

kap origineel


After mounting the fans:

kap met fans


The cable comes out at the side and runs into the control box.

kabel detail


I also noticed some place to put a rpm counter. So that’s added to de todo list now .

onder kap

Another plan is to make something to hold the spindle while I insert a mill. I seen this in a youtube video and it seemed handy to me. the part comes around 1min.