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LED Sign

Some time ago Reddevil gave me 6 led panels from a led sign. (Story [Dutch] can be read here:


I made a frame from din rail to mount the panels on:


I also thought of how I’m going to make the power supply.

For every 2 panels there will be a transformer, rectifier, capacitor and voltage regulator. The voltage regulator will be a diy one that consists of a 2N3055 tor and a opamp)

Circuit power supply:


The LED sign is going to be controlled by a pc via usb. The usb gets “translated” to the signals for the led panels by this pcb:


All the pcb’s and transformers mounted on the frame:


2 test video’s:


The spreadsheet I used to draw the drawings: https://spreads…NWmdzcUE&hl=en


The next step will be getting the usb interface working. Then I’m going to make a pc program to drive the led sign. Maybe I even include pwm to dim pixels for video.