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12V 25A PowerSupply

To test my LED Stair Lighting Controller boards I needed a 12V power supply that can deliver a lot of current. For this I chose a SP-320-12 from meanwell. However with the screw terminals it is not easy to use on a lab bench, also there is no display to monitor the output current. Therefore I build an enclosure around the PSU, and added a volt and ampere meter.

The meter I chose was a cheap one from AliExpress: DC 0-100V 30A 50A Dual Digital Voltmeter Ammeter Panel with DC 50A/75mV Shunt LED Red Display


Everything mounted in the enclosure (Hammond 1598JSGYPBK):

To limit the voltage drop of the wiring I used a lot of wires in parallel, and braided them to keep them close together:

Front panel connections:

The banana connectors are special ones that can handle 25A. (Red: Farnell 1698956 and Black: Farnell 1698957). Standard ones would probably melt in this use case.

In the back of the enclosure I have made some holes for the air to get in the enclosure, on top of the fan of the PSU I made a air duct to the top of the enclosure. In the top lid I made holes for the airflow to exit.