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LED Desk lighting

I had a fluorescent light above my desk. The buzz from the coil in that light was quite annoying. If I was hobbling it was ok, but when I was studying it was not. So I replaced it with some led strip.


The led strips:

I’ve put a switch on the right corner. From the front this is not visible.

LED Desk lighting – Update

Now I mounted LED lights on my other desk too. This way I save a lot of workspace where the desk lights stood before.

I put a second LED strip at the soldering part of the desk for some extra light.

LED Desk lighting – Update

The led strips where powered by an old pc power supply that was standing in a corner of my desk. I had to place resistors on the 5V line to get the power supply stable because the 12V output was the only output in use. This was a waste of energy, so I bought a 150W 12V power supply to power my led strips and a few other appliances.


The power supply is mounted behind my equipment, therefore I got some more workspace.