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TDA2030 Amplifier

I’m building a portable amplifier with an build in mp3 player. Today I made the amplifier pcb.


Schema R1, R2, R3 100 K
R4 4K7
R5 150 K
R6 1 Ohm
C1 1 µF
C2 22 µF
C3 2,2 µF
C4 C5 100 nF
C6 220 µF 40V
C7 2200µF 16V
US1 TDA2030


Pcb layout: With components ; Without components.

TDA2030 versterker
TDA2030 versterker

TDA2030 Amplifier – Update

Today I made the power supply pcb. It has 2 outputs for the amplifiers and a variable voltage for the mp3 player. The variable voltage is made with a LM317.
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All together
The Pcb layout: With components ; Without components.

TDA2030 Amplifier – Update

There has been a changes off plans, I no longer need a portable amplifier so this project was trown in a corner. When my pc speakers broke I decided to build this amplifier in them.