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Radio flea market Bladel 2018

Today there was a Radio flea market in Bladel.

What I bought:

  • Calipers (old fashioned analogue one)
  • Bag din rail wire clamps
  • Bag rotary switches
  • Nixie frequency counter (Yes, I have a nixie addiction)
  • 2x 1GB DDR2 ram
  • 2x Surge protection module

Drain pump system

My new workshop is in my basement. For the hand washing / board cleaning “corner” this has the disadvantage that it is below the sewage level. In order to drain the water it needs to be pumped up. I had a few pumps from old washing machines laying around and decided to do some experimentation with this.

To make it easier for the pump (and to spare my back) I made a frame underneath the cabinets to raise the whole thing by 20cm. This way the water needs to be lifted less.

Normally there is a siphon after the drain in the sink, this part I have taken out and brought the pipe directly to the pump.

At the pump side the pipe goes down a bit in order to make the check valve work better (Picture further down on the page). Also because of this the sensor is not mounted at the lowest point. This makes it work better since the pump does not clear all the water from the pipes. The water that does stay in the pipe may false trigger otherwise.

However this means that the pump needs to operate longer when the sensor signal go’s off. Therefore I made a timer box. This was made with a Siemens LOGO The time is settable by a rotary switch. This switch is connected with a few inputs of the LOGO.

The pump:

The timer box:

The program in the LOGO!:

To detect the water in the pipe I used a E2K-L26MC1 capacitive sensor from Omron. This sensor can be clamped around the pipe and does not come into contact with the water.
The sensor cheapest supplier for this sensor,  I found on – Omron Level Sensor E2K-L26MC1 (Click-able Link)

This sensor has an NPN output, while the LOGO is only compatible with PNP output sensors. This I solved by adding a 10K pull-up resistor between out and +24V. After this the input needs to be inverted in the LOGO to work correctly (B17 in the program above).

Picture of the box and sensor installed:


TC08 thermocouple logger teardown

I was curious about the insides of the TC08 thermocouple logger that I bought at the radio flea market in Diest. Therefore I took it apart and made some pictures:

Radio flea market Diest 2018 (Dirage)

Today there was a Radio flea market in Diest.

What I bought:

  • 6x LC-513A Nixie tube
  • 1x TC08 Thermocouple temperature logger

Radio flea market Neerpelt 2018

Today there was a Radio flea market in Neerpelt. What I bought:

  • Project box 265 x 185 x 95mm
  • 3 Bags connectors
  • 3 bags SUB D connector housings

Radio flea market Helchteren 2018

Today there was a Radio flea market in Helchteren. What I bought:

  • 12x Mains cable
  • 1x stepper motor
  • 1x Hameg oscilloscope

Radio flea market Bladel 2017

Today there was a Radio flea market in Bladel. What I bought:

  • 3x tubes voltage regulators
  • 1x tube dual 7 segment displays
  • 1x tube IC sockets
  • 4x connector
  • 22″ TFT screen

[3D print] Mantis microscope base

Some time ago I bought a Mantis microscope for cheap at an auction.

The reason why it was cheap was that the base was not included. Therefore I designed a new base and 3D printed it. The base is printed from PETG and has a M10x50 bolt + nut to reinforce it.

The bottom of the microscope:


Print without bolt:

With bolt:


STL File

Update to WordPress

The last few years I did not post a lot. This while I did made a lot of projects. The biggest reason for this is that I had to do all the updates in HTML code. This took a lot of time and to me is very boring. This caused me to not feel like updating the site. Therefore I now changed everything over to WordPress which makes it easier to update.

The comments unfortunately could not be imported from the old site.

Radio flea market Diest 2016

Today there was a Radio flea market in Diest.

What I bought (for 9€ including entrance fee):

-3x bag brass thick washers
-1x 10 turn potmeter
-1x bag connectors
-1x bag springs