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PIC Dev Board V2

After building my first development board I decided to build a second one. This one is going to work with a PIC16F877

The functions will be:
-7x Led
-8x dipswitch
-2x 7 segment display
-1x Lcd
-1x RS232 connection
-1x program plug (wisp or pickit layout, depending on installed connector)

I have placed 2 rows of female header cups next to the pic, to make it easy to connect this board to a breadboard.


The circuit:

The pcb layout:

Some pictures from the first prototype:

Video of the first test:

The serial interface and the lcd are also working already:


For the final version I had this pcb professionally etched:



Demo code:

Code: View. Download.

Hex file: Download.


Circuit diagram:



Available Products:


PIC16F877A development board kit




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