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I'm in my third year "bachelor in electronics", so this year I have to do an internship. I decided to do that in my high school. I did this internship together with Rob. (Same rob as from the PIC controlled


Our assignment was to control a Yamaha servodrive for a robot arm and make this servo drive work together with a PLC that controls the rest of the machine (2 conveyer belts and 1 lift)



The robot arm should take a work piece from the storage area. Then it should place it on the top conveyer belt, that conveyer transports the work piece to the lift which brings it to the bottom conveyer belt. On the bottom conveyer belt the work piece gets drilled or stamped or similar(not part of our assignment) Then the conveyer reverses and brings it back to the lift which brings it back up and the top conveyer brings it then back to the robot arm which puts it back in the storage area.



A video of the robot arm moving. The storage area will be on the right.


Some pictures of the parts


The robot arm is being driven by this servo drive (Yamaha type QRCX-E)

Servo drive


The servo drive and the rest of the robot is controlled by a Siemens S7-313C PLC



The jaws of the robot:


More pictures can be found here: Link.


The report/book we wrote about this project: Link.


Update 07/06/09

We finished the safety fence

spu spu


Video of the finished machine:



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