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Moodlight Master Controller

I decided to build a master controller for my moodlight, so I could make some more light effects with it. For operating it I'm going to use a touch screen from Ledssee. I'm still doubting if I should add a tsop ic to receive RC-5 remote controls.


I'm going to use a PIC18F4550 to control everything, because it has lots of space for code and has onboard usb. The reason I needs lots of code space is that a images on the screen takes 1KB. If I would use a 16F877A then I can only use 8 images. The 18F4550 has 16KB of memory. If it turns out this is not enough I could still attach an external eeprom with the images in it.


The menu looks like this:



The functions that I'm going to include in the controller are:

-Fading (the same as the moodlight does already.

-React to music

-Random colors

-fixed color

-usb (with a diy visual basic program on the pc)


A picture of the screen working



I want to thank Reddevil for helping with the code to get the screen working. The next step is to get the touch screen working.



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